Luis Serrano Bio: Luis Serrano

I’m drawn to landscapes that provide layers of intertwined foliage where the forms and architecture lie below the surface of what is first seen. Standing in such spaces, I interpret the dense, visually complex environments where various elements work for attention and the active eye must weave around the elements.  The process leads to drawings that are the sum of marks made over sequential sessions of sustained observation.  I look and translate adding lines in graphite and subtracting lines with erasures; their sum make images that parallel my visual experience.

I use erasures as an active technique in my work.  Erasures help me interpret the space between concrete objects, they aid to reclaim and adjust tonal values in the drawings as well as act as a corrective function. Technically the erasures and pencil marks contribute equally toward the work.

Drawing, as a developed skill, is the way I continue to express and understand the world around me.  Although landscape has been a recurring form of expression throughout cultural history, each individual artist displays his own way to interpret the visual sensations.  In this way, each landscape is unique in time and space.

Freeway Studies #2: Inside the Quad
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